Basic HDR Settings for Canon 600D (Rebel T3i and should work on other Rebels)

I thought it was about time I wrote a little article on basic HDR settings you can use for doing HDR Photos on a canon 600D. 

Mounted on a tripod set the ISO to 100.

Set the Camera to AV (Aperture Priority.) and select Depth of Field (Example F8)

Press the menu button and Select the second Camera Menu.

HDRcamera 1.jpg

With Expo.comp./AEB selected press set.

Now we are in the Expo.comp./AEB menu press and hold down the AV button on the back of your camera and start turning the jog dial until you see this.

HDRcamera 2.jpg

Then select set.

The back of the camera should look like this now and if timer is selected the camera should take 3 shots one correctly exposed, the next under exposed, and the final one over exposed.

HDRcamera 3.jpg

These settings should work on most of the x00D Cameras from canon but if I'm mistaken Please leave a comment below and I will update.

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